Includes doing all the work that a small community needs besides custom sign work.

Our designs get used for more than just the signs we make. Customers can take our designs and use them for printing business cards and stationary as well as embroidered or screen printed apparel.

  We make full color decals on our Gerber Edge, the number one machine of its kind in the digital color printing industry. All sizes of decals including hard hat size can be produced. We can also completely cover your van with a color photograph as seen on the Seavey Ididaride van [page 3 of the truck lettering section] or print see-through window graphics.
  Beautiful, thick, cedar sandblasted signs usually with turned finials on ornate posts.
  Very common on fire trucks, ambulances, carved signs, etc.
  We do classic striping like the late "Big Daddy Roth" and "Von Dutch"
  The popular "New Jersey Style" beveled edge letters, pictorials, etc.
  Our specialty is custom painted w/ pinstriping or vinyl graphics. The sky's the limit !
  A big part of our business is influenced by the close proximity to so much water. Go fishing anywhere around here and you'll see a multitude of boats with the g.f.sherman touch. Hopefully you'll catch a few fish.
  We send cut-out paint masks for N #s and logos such as Piper, Cessna, etc. to the aviation industry statewide.
  Medium Density Overlay is a standard in the sign industry. We coat MDO with the finest sign finishes.
  Reflective .080 aluminum highway type signs. This includes handicap parking, safety, municipal, oil field or commercial use.
  Plexiglas faces for lighted sign cans and display signage on Sentra.
  Heavy duty 13oz. hemmed vinyl, with grommets and/or ropes.
  Our in-house screen printing consists primarily of real estate & political signs on corex.
  Plastic name tags, desk plaques or small interior signage.